Haruki Ueda

Ueda Haruki
植田 陽貴

mail : moimoi(at)228.chu.jp (at)→@
web : http://228.chu.jp

1987  Born in Nara , Japan : Lives and works in Osaka , Japan
2008  Graduated from Joshibi Collegey of Art and Design, majored in Oil Painting

1987 奈良県生まれ 大阪府在住
2008 女子美術大学短期大学部専攻科卒(油画専攻)

>Solo Exhibitions

2017 “ Waterland” Salonmosic,Osaka
2017 “ Dir niemandsgarten” Hyakunen,Tokyo
2015 “ For example , here too there is life ” Drawing, Nagoya/Wanderung ,Tokyo
2015 “ Souvenir ” Hanarat, Nara
2008 “ Resonance” Shinjuku Ophthalmologist(Ganka) Gallery,Tokyo

>Group Exhibitions

2018 “LANDSCAPES”ondo gallery,osaka/tokyo
2015 “Mabatki shite Matataki”AAA Gallery,Yokohama
2013 “Recommend”ART Lab OMM , Osaka
2012 “Circus” Kyoto tower , Kyoto
2012 “Dog and Cat” Kastela , Tokyo
2011 “Masayume,” Yoshino Junsui Hachimituten ,Tokyo
2010 “Wasyoi” 0000 gallery , Kyoto
2010 “Dog and Cat” Kastela , Tokyo
2008 “Dog and Cat” AB-OVO , Tokyo
2006 “Dog and Cat” Design Festa , Tokyo


2018 Tokyo Wonder Seeds 2018 2017 Artstream2017 (KTV award/Turner award)
2015 Tokyo Wonder Seeds 2015
2014 Tokyo Wonder Seeds 2014



"Going to the other side"(2015.nov)

The world that you are in and the other world where other person (or no one) is might have different system: the language, the smell, the color and the justice.
The border can be the land, the country or the several inches gap between you and the person sitting next to you.
Some of the borders are like ruled lines. Others are so vague that it's hard to distinguish.

There are things you can't see on your side.  There are things you can only hear on the other side. You might be able to see a complete different scenery when you change your viewpoint by a few steps.
The sun goes down and the tide flows while you stay at the same place for several minutes. I think being aware of these kind of things will become more important hoin the future.

I assume a painting itself can work a border or a window.
My paintings are created to help people to become more aware of the border in our lives.
The image of the border is represented in the figure of the shore, the forest, wild animals, and humans (especially those who are growing into women from girls).